Merit Management Group Inc. Associates Embrace Travel Perks

Team members from Merit Management Group Inc. recently attended a top leaders conference in Dallas, Texas. This industry event is recognized for both the abundant knowledge transfer as well as networking opportunities.

"I look forward to attending these conferences, especially when I get to bring along some of our top performers," said Glen, Merit Management Group Inc.'s President. "It's great to see how much our people gain from these travel opportunities."

For this conference, Stephen and Ulysses joined Glen in representing Merit Management Group Inc. "These two earned a chance to attend because of their hard work and dedication to our company mission," Glen said. "Travel is one of the ways in which we reward our people for going above and beyond to reach goals."

Both Stephen and Ulysses had ample chances to network with other industry leaders at this conference. "This is what makes these events so great," said Glen. "While we have a terrific training program in our office, being around others and listening to their experiences helps solidify what our people have learned. They leave with new connections from other regions with whom they can share ideas in the future. Much of our work is about building relationships, including with others who share our ambitions."

In addition to networking, conference attendees enjoyed workshops and listened to keynote speeches from top executives. "They had a chance to learn about the industry overall, the big picture, and what's in store for the future," Glen said. "It's inspiring to note how much growth we expect over the coming months."

Merit Management Group Inc.'s President Describes How Conferences Help Build Careers

According to Glen, team members from Merit Management Group Inc. who have attended conferences tend to return with a wealth of knowledge and skills they can implement in the office. "It's hard not to be motivated by the energetic speakers and all of the enthusiasm that attendees spread during the event," Glen said. "There is so much to learn that we can't wait to share with our team."

Among the kinds of knowledge attained at the conference are different leadership tactics that can be used as associates move into management roles. "Our progressive advancement policy is set to help people realize their professional goals," Glen said. "This conference augments our coaching and training so that people are ready to flourish in our industry. Soon, someone else with be headed to the next conference and will get to bring back new insights and grow as well."

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