Merit Management Group Inc. Nurtures Growth With Travel

Courtney, Merit Management Group Inc.'s administrator, will soon be attending a national conference for administrative professionals. The firm's President discussed the event, and benefits of travel programs.

“Obviously there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to succeeding in business, but one of the most important is a focus on training and development,” stated Glen, President of Merit Management Group Inc. “When we give our people chances to grow personally and professionally, they raise the performance standard throughout the office. This inspires others to become more accomplished in their personal and professional lives as well, building an upward spiral of achievement that positively influences both our team members and our organization.”

There are many different learning styles, and Merit Management Group Inc.’s training program caters to them all, but there are also learning opportunities from which everyone can gain. Business trips, such as an upcoming conference in Philadelphia, are good examples. Courtney, the company’s admin, will be attending a national event with administrators from across North America. She’ll have the chance to network, learn new techniques, and expand her skill set.

“Courtney is really excited about going to this conference. It is a great travel opportunity for her. I know she’ll make the most of this chance to share best practices with her peers from other offices,” Glen declared. “I’m happy that Merit Management Group Inc. provides educational trips like this for our team members.”

Merit Management Group Inc.’s President Highlighted Benefits of Travel Programs

While the admin conference is specific to Courtney’s position, Merit Management Group Inc. associates have several chances throughout the year to travel. Some of the most anticipated events include the chance to cross-train at other high-performing offices and a restful leadership retreat in an exotic locale. No matter the destination though, the intent is the same: expanded knowledge and increased enthusiasm for the customer acquisition industry.

“There are less obvious but equally important benefits to our travel initiatives as well,” Glen said. “For instance, we use these trips to teach goal setting. The ability to set specific, measurable, and realistic objectives – and then work consistently toward their fulfillment – is vital to success in any industry. When we announce a trip we also let people know what’s required to attend, the amount of time available, and what’s to be gained. In this way we support what we teach about goal setting in our training curriculum with concrete examples of how to do it right.”

Source: Merit Management Group Inc